335: “Thinking and Moving III” (Natalia Espinel)

	One more of these invitations! This one's called "Balanceamos y Caemos," and follows the other two in the last two weeks.

Invitation, if you’d like to try:
Stand up. Relax. Center. 
	Lift one foot, flexing and spreading your toes,
		Rolling your ankle. Put that foot down
And balance above it as you lift your other foot.

Now let yourself move. Reach your arms side to side,
Swirl your shoulders, swing your raised leg
And feel how the momentum moves you.
Play with the balance of standing on one foot. Let different parts of you—
Your hips, your knee, your elbows, your belly, your neck,
Your shoulders—wake up and lead through different movements.

Meditation, after you've tried: 
	For us, this is about the joy of playing, of finding all the ways you can move, and it’s just as much about the point where your balance wobbles and you fall over. It’s a game for being in a body. 
	Now that we’re balancing and almost falling—what now?
	¿Ahora que nos balanceamos y caemos, ahora que?

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