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I’m an educator, graduate student, writer, and someone who wonders. By writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and arranging others’ stories into scripts for verbatim theater, I’m looking for the places we meet. I think we do meet, more than we sometimes remember. For me being a writer is a lot like being a friend, being a teacher means being a student, and the only way I know how to do any of those is to keep learning from and with the people around me. And to celebrate. After all, there’s a sky outside, and we met in you reading this. I hope sometime to hear something back from you.

I live in Urbana, Illinois where I’m completing an MFA in Fiction at UIUC and starting a doctoral program. Before that I bounced around California, India, and Oklahoma while teaching Creative Writing, English Literature, and Theater for nine years. The picture of the footprints we leave behind is a gift from my brother.

Azlan Smith


One thought on “About & Past Posts

  1. Mr. Smith,
    I’ve heard I have you to thank for one of my Christmas gifts: collected poems of Ursula K Leguin. Jake, my grandson, said he asked for a recommendation. I’m a bit late to the Leguin party, but I’m enjoying it now. Many thanks.
    Jane Vincent Taylor


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