334: Thinking and Moving II (Natalia Espinel)

	This is another of the invitations I introduced last week, and that I've been writing in collaboration with Colombian artist and educator Natalia Espinel. We're calling this one "Breathing In Waves." Nothing is "supposed" to happen. We created these invitations after wondering together, and following each other through different movements till we focused in on something that felt powerful. Each invitations hopes to open up an embodied moment that can become what it is for you.

Invitation, if you’d like to try:
Sitting crosslegged in front of each other
	Press your palms together, right to right or left to left.
Throughout this invitation the pressure stays, gently reaching.

When you exhale, you press a little more
into their reach, and your hands move toward their shoulder
while they breathe in. When they exhale, you inhale

And they press a little more. Both hands move
	Toward your shoulder, while you breathe in.
There is a slow, heavy texture in the space around your hands, like honey.

You take turns, one breathing in while one breathes out.
	Feel the press of their breath leading into the press of your breath,
The press of your breath leading into the press of their breath.

	Meditation, after you've tried: 
	For us, instead of asking us to focus on our breath, this movement invites us to feel how our breathing moves all through our body. This movement continues out past us, inviting us to feel how our breath moves through our partner’s body and through the space around us. Breath becomes a kind of material, a living ribbon we follow with our hands.
	Now we are breathing together—what now? 
	¿Ahora que respiramos juntes, ahora que?

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