336: “What Turns Up” (Astrid Lindgren)

                “We’ll have to see what turns up,” said Pippi. “Something always does.”
-Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking

                Today I found an acorn just about to sprout. It had washed down onto the street. It’s sitting beside me while I write this, and my niece saw it on my desk. “Is that an acorn?” she asked. “Did you find it?”
                Pippi is a thing-finder. A person who goes around finding things. I remember listening to Pippi’s adventures again and again as a kid, and when I ran across this quote again, I wondered how much the little seed of Lindgren’s idea helped grow into how I walk. Or sit. Yesterday there was a bit of moss floating along in the gutter. The day before there was a little round washer rusting on the hiking trail. A woodpecker, quiet while we passed. I usually don’t look for things to keep. It’s more like I look for things that’ll keep hold of a moment with me.
                To put it another way: for the last three weeks I’ve been sharing invitations toward embodied experiences that I’m developing with artist and educator Natalia Espinel. It’s been so much fun to play with these invitations, to find them together. One of the most fun parts is realizing there’s always some touch inviting us toward an embodiment moment. The hum of the heater, the lamp’s reflection inside the window, the texture of the carpet—I found this, and this, and this. And they found me.

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